Handmade Soap

Relax, revitalize and reinvigorate with Sapona handmade soap, natural and paraben free soap and beauty products including dessert inspired ‘soap art’ that will make any bath or shower sweeter! Sapona is your one stop shop for all-natural soap, bath and body products.

At Sapona we believe beauty should start from the inside out and that’s why only the best ingredients go into our lines of bath soap, body soap, bath bombs, body scrubs and other luxurious and exciting products that turn your regular beauty routine into a mini spa vacation every day!

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Shower Steamers

Turn your shower into a scented, aromatherapy haven with our steamers which are designed to fill your shower with invigorating scents that can help you breathe better and jumpstart your energy naturally. Featuring mentholated scents like spearmint eucalyptus menthol, honey gardenia menthol, lavender menthol, and jasmine menthol, Sapona shower steamers help create a scent-sational spa experience in your own bathroom.

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Body Soap Bars

Our paraben free soap for body pairs lush, moisturizing ingredients like sustainable palm and coconut oil along with exotic fragrances like Tibetan Tea, Sri Lankan Lemongrass and Egyptian Musk for a one of a kind natural soap experience. Choose from our bright, blended body soaps featuring lively colors, non-toxic glitters and essential oils – and from our loofah bath soap which features luscious scents and a round of natural loofah sponge to exfoliate and renew your skin.

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Bath Products

100% Natural Soap Made from Nature’s Best Ingredients

Bath Bombs

We don’t mean to brag, but our bath bombs are more bomb than a 90s JNCO jeans revival. Featuring good for your skin ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil and delightful scents like strawberry, lavender and even cotton candy – our bath bombs work to create a bath experience that is both rejuvenating and relaxing.

Drop a bomb in your next bath and watch the magic happen – safe, natural baking soda is responsible for all the fun and fizzy action and it can even help to gently exfoliate and cleanse skin!

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Bubble Bath Gelato

A fanciful twist on our classic bath bomb, our bath soap gelato looks like a yummy scoop of frozen goodness just waiting to melt in your bath. Fill your bath time with mounds of foamy bubbles in scents like strawberry shortcake, mimosa and mandarin, vanilla hazelnut, cotton candy and lime cooler. It smells, looks and feels absolutely decadent but this gelato is 100% guilt and calorie free.

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Bubbling Bath Soap Salt

Get your Epsom salt soak on with these upscale bath salt blends. We took all the soothing, bubbly goodness of traditional Epsom salt soak ingredients and added our own signature scents like strawberry champagne, lavender, and mimosa mandarin. Each scent is packaged in a resealable 14 oz bottle perfect for keeping around for a languid Sunday night soak or an after-work destressing spa session.

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Shower Products: 100% Natural Body Soap Products

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Chemical and Paraben Free Soap and Beauty Products

Sapona takes your health as seriously as we take our products and that is why we’ve formulated each item in of our collection to include only paraben free soap and beauty products. Parabens, which are typically used in the cosmetic and beauty industry as a preservative, have given the scientific community reason to believe that high levels of exposure can accumulate in our systems and cause health problems, including hormone imbalances.

Reducing these toxins in your life by using items like paraben free soap and other products when possible may help to keep you healthy now and into the future. For a complete listing of our product ingredients, simply click on any of our items and a full list will be included in the description.

Cruelty Free Soap Not Tested on Animals

At Sapona, beauty is far more than skin deep. We believe in treating our environment and fellow living creatures with the same respect and kindness that we treat each other. This is why you will find only cruelty free soap not tested on animals within our products.

Each of our items uses only the finest in natural ingredients to minimize the chance of allergens and contaminants, making animal testing unnecessary to give our customers safe, quality product. For our full line of beauty products and cruelty free soap not tested on animals, browse our catalogue of 100% natural soap and beauty items.


Natural Products for a Natural Glow

Body Scrub

Treat your skin to luxurious, exfoliating body scrubs featuring sugar crystals to help gently rub away dull skin and shea butter and coconut oil to moisturize your freshly scrubbed self. Scented with natural, essential oils, our body scrubs will not only leave your skin looking and feeling healthy but also smelling divine. Choices include pink champagne, honey oats, mimosa and black raspberry vanilla.

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Body Butter

Get the ultimate in skin hydrating awesomeness with our line of body butters featuring all-natural ingredients and heavenly scented essential oils. Made with fragrant botanical and fruity scents like lavender and mandarin, our body butters leave your skin feeling silky smooth and smelling fresh.

Our body butters harness the moisturizing qualities of avocado oil, apricot oil and shea butter without any drying or unhealthy chemicals or fragrances. Shop our cruelty free selection now!

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Lotion Mists

A fast, fun and more thorough way to moisturize, our lotion mists spray evenly onto your skin to avoid accidentally squeezing on too much as is common with traditional lotion bottles. Even better, our lotion mists are formulated to absorb quickly and keep your skin hydrated all day.

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Fragrance Mists

Our fragrance mists come in the same delicious flavors as our bath soap, body soap, scrubs and other skin care essentials. Wear this fragrance by itself or layer it with our other products for a deeper scent that will last throughout the day. Our fragrance mists, like all of our products are cruelty and paraben free.

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Lip Scrubs

Whip your lips into shape with our line of lip scrubs designed to gently exfoliate away dry, chapped skin with sugar crystals and moisturize the layers underneath with Vitamin E, avocado oil and shea butter. These natural ingredients will help to keep your lips smooth and plump without having to layer on lip balms over and over again. Choose from deliciously hydrating watermelon, Pina colada, mint and bubblegum.

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Bath Soap Art

Inspired by the most important food group, our bath soap art features all-natural soap molded into delicate confections like cupcakes, donuts, pie, and macarons. Featuring the natural ingredients and cruelty free soap not tested on animals that our clients love from all of our other products; our bath soap art is sure to make your bath time good enough to eat (almost!).

These whimsical body soap creations make for the perfect gift for friends, co-workers, loved ones and more. With more than two dozen different shapes and scents to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

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Gift Sets

Give the gift of beauty and health with our specially priced gift sets featuring paraben free soap and cruelty free soap not tested on animals. Choose from our sets or create your own from our handmade products for the perfect gift!

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Choosing Sapona for your Natural Soap and Beauty Products

Sapona is a company founded on a commitment to keeping beauty and cleansing products simple, natural and good for you and the environment. We ensure each of our products uses the best ingredients and is always paraben and cruelty free.  If you should have any questions, comments or concerns about any of our product offerings or ingredients, we would love to hear from you! Use our simple contact page to reach our qualified team. Let’s start making awesome handmade products together!