Bath Bombs Vs. Bath Salts

Bath Salts vs Bath Bombs

Bath salts and bath bombs can add luxury to bath time while helping to detoxify the skin while allowing increased relaxation. 

Bath Bombs and Bath Salts Explained

Blocks or spheres the size of a palm that dissolves rapidly and fizzles when tossed into the bath are bath bombs. They make the bath fun. Some are made from natural ingredients that help with relaxation, detoxification, and sooth you while you soak in the tub. 

Bath salts are minerals that are water soluble and have been pulverized to add to bath water. The salts are said to enhance the enjoyment of baths, improve cleaning and serve as a cosmetic agent vehicle. 

Bath Bomb and Bath Salts Shelf Life

The longer you have bath bombs and bath salts the less effective it will be. Bath bombs fizz more and smell better when they are fresh. Bath bombs will oxidize and lose the ability to react when they are on display. The bicarb and citric acid will begin to bind when they are left out. Bath salts can become clumpy in time and harder to dissolve in water. 

Benefits of Bath Bombs and Bath Salts

Using bath bombs and bath salts is a great way to relax. They soothe you while they soften the skin and help to remove toxins from the body. Natural ingredients will help to ease the pain in the joints and muscles. Combined with the hot water they will help you to relax and enjoy your time to yourself more

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