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Handmade Shower Steamers

The Elegance of Shower Steamer

Shower steamers have become popular recently because of the ease they offer to you when waking up or unwinding after a long day. The mentholated fragrance creates one of the most lusciously scented showers you could ever desire, while opening your airways and soothing tension using aromatherapy. Shower steamers are easy to use; you can strategically position them and let them release the invigorating scents into the ambient environment.

Why Shower Steamers

The mentholated shower given by our shower steamers is everything you need to invigorate yourself. This allows you to breathe better and also make you feel better. With a shower steamer, bath taking would no longer be a necessity but a hobby. It offers you the most intense showering experience you can ever imagine.

The ingredients used in making shower steamers are handpicked from the best ingredients out there. Top ingredients used include distilled water, citric acid, baking soda, natural colorants, kaolin clay, menthol, and fragrance.

Moreover, shower steamers also come with some of the most luscious scents and fragrances. Some of the ingredients that add to its unique scent include spearmint eucalyptus menthol, honey gardenia menthol, lavender menthol, and jasmine menthol.

Shower steamers are available in 4 packs and are highly affordable. You can offer yourself a better treat today with shower steamers.