Handcrafted soap buying guide

handmade soap

If you’ve ever tried handmade soap as opposed to branded store-bought soap, you know how luxurious it is to lather up, inhale its aroma, and smooth it over your skin. Soaps without chemicals rely on pure ingredients, such as oils, fats, and/or butters. Today, handmade soaps can include any number of wonderful oils, like coconut, […]

Bath Bombs Vs. Bath Salts

Bath Salts vs Bath Bombs

Bath salts and bath bombs can add luxury to bath time while helping to detoxify the skin while allowing increased relaxation.  Bath Bombs and Bath Salts Explained Blocks or spheres the size of a palm that dissolves rapidly and fizzles when tossed into the bath are bath bombs. They make the bath fun. Some are […]

Ultimate guide on Body Scrubs

Body Scrubs

Guide to Body Scrubs Body Scrubs are popular treatments for the face and body that exfoliate while hydrating the skin. This leaves the skin soft and smooth, the scrubs are typically made by mixing an aromatic essential oil, massage oil and an abrasive material such as sugar or salt. They may also be made using […]